New PMF crowdfunding campaign: Support the musicians of the future!

New PMF crowdfunding campaign: Support the musicians of the future!


An international educational music festival, fostering the young musicians of the world

The Pacific Music Festival (PMF) brings inspiration to the world through music, fostering highly skilled young musicians from around world who themselves represent the future of classical music. The festival was founded by Leonard Bernstein in 1990 with an emphasis on education and contributing to greater international understanding through music, and thereby to world peace. PMF has now reached its 30th anniversary – a milestone made possible only through the unwavering generosity of a great host of supporters just like you.

Now PMF has created a crowdfunding campaign to allow people like you to more easily support the work of the festival.

We Support PMF

Contributions go toward supporting the education of members of the PMF Academy, who are selected through highly competitive auditions. They gather from countries and regions across the globe. PMF provides them with intensive educational environment for one month, free of the financial burden that would otherwise prevent their participation. To this point, over 3500 young musicians have had the opportunities uniquely available to them through PMF, and PMF alumni can be found in all of the major orchestras of the world.

Rewards for a donation of ¥10,000 include:

- a video message from members of the PMF 2019 Academy (by email)
- access to 2 seasons of PMF Orchestra performances (streaming video)
- access to a limited PMF photo gallery
〈Memories of PMF 2019 and Japan in pictures taken by 100 members of the PMF Academy〉
- an optional subscription to the PMF newsletter “MUSIC PARTNER”

What is PMF ?

The Pacific Music Festival Sapporo(PMF) is an international educational music festival founded in Sapporo by leading 20th century conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein, along with the London Symphony Orchestra, in 1990. Now a quarter century on, a cumulative total of over 3,500 excellent musicians have taken part.

The heart of PMF is the PMF Academy, an educational program featuring top musicians of the world as faculty, and fostering young musicians chosen through auditions from all parts of the globe. For roughly 1 month each July, these richly talented Academy members receive instruction on high-level craft from the faculty as well as a wealth of experience, in addition to experiencing international exchange through music, thereby deepening international mutual understanding.

PMF Alumni Spread their Wings in the World

Since 1990, young musicians have come every summer to study in Sapporo. The cumulative number of Academy members who have attended PMF to this point (PMF alumni) exceeds 3,500, hailing from 76 countries and regions. They consistently come to spread their wings in the world, conveying the spirit of PMF and the wonder of music.

【 List of orchestras where you can find PMF alumni 】

Among these alumni are those who rise to the top level of the world music scene and then return to participate once again by instructing the PMF Academy as members of the faculty.

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