Support for World Cosplay Summit in Japan

Support for World Cosplay Summit in Japan



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The World's Best Cosplay Performance Championship to be determined in the Holy Land of Manga - Japan

Japan's Manga and Anime culture have been influencing various people worldwide. They were not satisfied by just "reading" and "watching" but instead wanted to "be the characters and act as them". As a result, the Cosplay culture was born.

The World Cosplay Summit began in 2003 in Nagoya Japan to create a new sense of international friendship with cosplayers from all over the world. Year after year, the number of participating countries has been increasing. In 2017, the number grew to 35 countries. Now, many cosplayers from around the world aim to get to the Cosplay Holy Land; namely Nagoya, Japan. The World Cosplay Championship is where representatives from each country display their best performances on stage to determine the grand champion. The Championship doesn't just judge the quality of participants' costumes, but also the art direction and overall performance. It's the ultimate world championship of cosplay.

■WCS Preliminaries All Over the World

WCS has partnerships with manga, anime and cosplay events all over the world to hold the preliminaries. There are on-going battles happening somewhere in the world right now to get a ticket to Japan.

↑List of WCS2017 participating representative teams (a pair from preliminary round of each country)

■Not just the Championship, there's many special cosplay events

WCS is a week-long the world's best cosplay festival.During this period, various popular spots in Nagoya will be holding a special cosplay events. There are a few events that are able to be held thanks to WCS such as large parade held in town and renting out a tourist spot for photoshoots.

Therese many cosplayers, photographers and spectators visit every year and reported in  media from within Japan and overseas, attracting attentions.

↑Cosplay Parade

↑All night event held in renting out a big pool  theme park (LAGUNA TEN BOSCH)

↑Photoshoot event held in renting out a theme park-like museum of the meiji era where you can enjoy the scenery as if you had a time slip in Japan (Museum Meijimura)

WCS has been steadily expanding its scale as an international event, but actually there are still 30 countries requests are not accepted for participation.

There are still people in the world can't join even if they wanted to  WCS.

↑Waiting country of WCS

As the number of participating teams increases and the size of the event gets bigger, a huge amount of money is needed, WCS is currently unable to  meet expectations from all over the world.

Please help us  to make WCS a bigger event and let people  who dreams to be world's best to be able to join! We lack in ability now, but within the next 3 years until 2020 which is TOKYO Olympic Year, we are aiming for zero waiting country world competition.

WCS is made up of international members including volunteer staffs.

Also, when the representative from each countries are in a unfamiliar week stay in Japan, support from student volunteer group was very encouraging. From arrival to Japan in the airport to departure to home country, they have treated with the heart of  "Omotenashi".

↑Documentary drama of Omotenashi students and WCS

Also, cosplay is a communication tool that doesn't need to exchange words to express yourself and show how much you love something. Representatives met in WCS has  strong bond and every year some of "former representative(Alumni)" gather in Japan themselves to excite WCS.

WCS is a large scale international event that not only a pair of cosplayers team selected from countries all over the world to represent their country to compete on stage in holy ground/Japan from world, but also able to bond and build friendships across the border of languages and culture. We prepared 2 special projects for everyone in the world who supports such WCS.

1. Support voting plan concerning determining the positions of national representatives in group photo

We will reflect the power of everyone's support regarding the standing position of each national team's representative in the WCS all-out cosplayer group photo taken during the WCS2018. Depending on the number of support gathered, the representative electing organizers of each country can choose the standing position in order.

*Please note that there is a possibility that the country that you support  may decline participation.

↑An image of standing position

*Photo is for illustrative purpose only.

2.WCS version Senjafuda (千社札), literally "thousand shrine tags"plan

Since long time ago in Japan, in the memorial of visiting shrines and temples, there was a custom to paste a bill "Senjafuda" with your name and address.

We will post a bill with your name at WCS2018 for everyone who can't actually go to Japan but wants to support WCS(The contents and shape of the bill will change depending on the course)

Also, we have prepared courses for those who are able to come to Japan and support WCS.


Please help WCS to evolve into a cosplay festival that more people around the world can enjoy more!

*After purchasing  the return course, we will send a mail regarding on which country name you support so please reply.

*Miho's profile*

Calligraphy teacher, Minister of Education Award

Title creation of movies and advertisements, and she puts her strength collaborating with artists, since 2014 for 4 years she has decorated booths and exhibited her works and such as performance  in France's JAPAN EXPO, she is extending her opportunities not only domestically.

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